Gold Coast Counselling Services

Therapeutic Counselling Services

At Eternal Balance our Gold Coast Counselling Services can be of help to you if you are:  

  • Feeling stuck in a pattern of behaviours and can’t seem to find a way out
  • Finding it difficult to cope
  • Feeling unsure of yourself
  • Lost or lacking a sense of direction in life
  • In a relationship that is becoming difficult to manage

Many people and couples seek Counselling Services during difficult times. This may be when they feel down about themselves, feel unhappy in their relationship or some other aspect of their lives.  Our approach to counselling on the Gold Coast will help you to deal with the underlying feelings that underpin your unwanted feelings and behaviours.

Do I Need Counselling?

Many people are afraid to be themselves because deep down they fear abandonment, judgement or they feel unsafe. For others, certain events can create additional stress and pain. In these moments, some compromise themselves for the sake of a relationship, often sabotaging themselves and their relationships. Others, who are unable to deal with such situations, can create unhealthy behaviours as coping mechanisms. These self-destructive pathways can include, affairs, addictions, moving on from a partner too quickly, running away and holding on to abusive relationships.

When we hit these low moments in life, it can feel overwhelming. Often, the way we choose to cope can cause us to remain stuck in our problems, rather than resolving them. Many people turn to medication when these coping styles take control of them, as they often become depressed and anxious. They look for ways to alleviate the tension by trying to find comforts, escapes or distractions. Yet, they continue to be stuck in self-perpetuating and unsuccessful behaviours, looking for the quick fix to gratify their feelings of emptiness.

At Eternal Balance, our Counselling Services available on the Gold Coast aim to sort out behaviours that keep you as an individual or as part of a couple stuck. By using Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and other modalities, we target the underlying issues to eradicate negative thought patterns and destructive behaviours to resolve them. 

Benefits of Counselling

Gold Coast Counselling Services at Eternal Balance help you to cope more effectively, by managing feelings and changing stuck or unwanted patterns of behaviour. Without effective treatment, we can hold ourselves back by avoiding how we feel. In fact, the way we avoid our feelings can prevent us from fulfilling our real self. We might give up on ourselves because we have a tendency to feel we aren’t good enough or lose ourselves in relationships to avoid feelings of rejection. If you’re considering speaking with a counsellor, we’ve listed a number of the key benefits that come out of using our counselling services, as follows: 

  • Helping you see your thoughts from a different perspective
  • Letting things out that you’ve been keeping inside can be a weight off the mind
  • Dedicating some time to facing or confronting your issues.
  • Feeling less alone with your problems
  • Finding it easier to cope with everyday life 
  • Improving your physical wellbeing
  • Sharing the burden of your emotions

At Eternal Balance, our Gold Coast Counselling Service will help you become free from stuck patterns of behaviour by transforming how you feel about yourself and your relationships. Our Counselling Services assists you to rebuild yourself as a whole person, so that you become unstuck from self-limiting beliefs and defensive coping behaviours. We’ll help you move internal roadblocks that hold you back and interfere with how you perceive yourself and others. We aim to help you move forward with your life, by creating a healthy sense of ‘yourself’ and set the foundation for healthy relationships.

Grief and Loss Counselling Services

The period of grief and mourning after the death of a loved one can be challenging to say the least. If you are finding it difficult to cope with grief and loss, then it can be helpful to speak with us, about how our counselling services can help you overcome your loss. Seeking psychological support is a helpful way to express grief. However, sometimes people worry they will burden others if they share their worries or speak about their feelings. In fact, if the bereavement is a family member, then turning to another family member for support could be more of a burden for them than help.

Bereavement Support

At Eternal Balance, our Counselling Services will help you grieve and provide the needed support to overcome difficulties you may face during your bereavement. We work with you on a personal level to release any stuck emotions, find closure and acceptance in your heart with respect and compassion. We provide a safe private and confidential environment focused on you. Often we combine our Counselling Services together with hypnotherapy to help lessen feelings of loss, and assist in coping with the grief you are experiencing. Simply ignoring the pain or keeping it buried does not lessen the grief or sense of loss. It takes time to work through the grieving process, but if you do not deal with the loss it can impair healing and lead to deep-seated feelings of heartache and depression.

Understanding Grief and Loss

What is Loss?

There are many different types of losses a person can experience. Loss can be felt from the death of a loved one, a serious illness or terminal diagnosis, the loss of a pet. Other significant causes of loss include the breakdown of a relationship or when children move out of the family home.

What is Grief?

Grief is a natural process of reacting to a loss or significant changewhich has an effect on parts, or all, of someone’s life. Grief is a process of coming to terms with what has changed in life. 

Our experience through grief, that is what we tend to feel and the way we tend to react, and varies from one person to another. The reason reactions to grief vary is as a result of a variety of individual factors, like our personality and age, our relationship with the deceased, cultural practices, the extent of social support and our religious beliefs.

Burning Tea Lights - Healing from Grief and Loss Counselling Services

The signs and symptoms of grief and loss are similar to that of depression, making it important to recognise the differences so you receive the most appropriate help. Whether you are experiencing grief, loss, trauma, or you’re trying to overcome depression, our Gold Coast counselling services can help you.

Symptoms of Grief

When you grieve, it’s part of the normal process to experience mental, physical, social or emotional reactions. Some people are open and willing to share their grief, as an example crying, and wanting to talk. Whereas others can be a lot more private and may be reluctant to talk preferring to stay busy. A grieving person might experience intense thoughts and feelings such as sadness, fear, anger, anxiety, disbelief, panic, shame and longing. When experiencing grief it is common to feel stuck in a cycle of these emotions. As a result, it can greatly affect how we think and our ability to concentrate. Grief can include both physical and emotional distress, some of the signs may include:

  • crying and sadness (or a reluctance to cry)
  • feeling numb
  • anxiety attacks
  • difficulty sleeping and having nightmares
  • constantly feeling tired and depressed
  • changes to eating habits (e.g. comfort eating or loss of appetite)
  • difficulty concentrating and creating choices
  • feeling tense, sick and having problems breathing
  • disorientation and confusion
  • overwhelming tiredness and exhaustion
  • losing interest in family, friends and hobbies.

Coping With Grief

People learn to adjust to the death of a loved one in different ways. There is no ‘right way’ to grieve, and misconceptions regarding grieving methods can cause a grieving person to question their feelings and wellbeing. Understanding what grief may be like, and finding ways to safely share their emotions, all help a bereaved person to endure the pain of their loss. 

For some people, time is enough to help them come to terms with their loss. However, this does not always happen and if left untreated it can develop into depression. Often, grieving people have a need to tell and retell the story. This is normal and nothing to feel embarrassed about. Our Grief Counselling Services can help heal the scars that losing someone close to you can cause. This form of therapy for grief and loss can be very helpful as it provides you time and space to discuss your loss and the feelings you have about it, without worrying about burdening the person you’re talking to, distressing them, or taking up their time.

Talking to a professional therapist will help you to do this in your own way – to laugh or cry or shout – without feeling that others may misinterpret or judge. It will help you to find a way to understand your loss, and to deal with those emotions arising out of it.

How Long Does Grief Last?

The reality of the situation is that grief does not have a defined or set time period for which it lasts. Rather, we harmonise our grief by being touched by the feelings it creates. In a way, it is our grief that controls us and guides us rather than us controlling our grief. The length of grieving varies from person to person – it’s not unusual for grief to be felt over extended periods. For some people grieving may last for months and for other years. This is especially so if there were things left unresolved, unsaid, a sudden passing, suicide, or illness. Even a long-term suffering of our loved ones and knowing does not make the end any easier to accept. However, seeking the support of grief counselling services from a qualified and experienced therapist, greatly assists to prevent long-term suffering. 

Cost of Counselling Services

We have provided details for the cost of our Gold Coast counselling services on our fees page. If you are unsure of what you’re feeling or have a question about the cost of our counselling services, we are more than happy to give you further guidance. To make a booking or enquiry, please call 0410 453 406.

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