Hypnotherapy and Body Treatments

We want as many people as possible to experience the wonderful benefits of our health treatments.  Our current Hypnotherapy and Body treatment prices are provided below.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Heal your Mind Body Spirit

Hypnosis sessions for overcoming anger, manging anxiety, stress relief, fears and phobias, building confidence, loss grief and bereavement support.

Session length – 75 minutes.

$130.00 per session

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy to lose weight

4-Week Weight Loss Hypnosis program (optional Virtual Gastric Band)

Session length – 75 minutes, weekly bookings recommended

$550.00 includes four Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions (Paid upfront)

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

One Quit Smoking Hypnosis session and one followup session.

Session length – 90 minutes 1st session, 75 minutes 2nd session if required.

$360.00 includes up to two sessions (Paid upfront)

Past Life Hypnosis

Explore Past lives through Regression Therapy

By understanding the source of your feelings and behaviours, you can achieve increased awareness, insight and understanding in your life.

Session length – 120 minutes.

$180.00 per session

Electronic Muscle Stimulation EMS

Body Toning Workout with EMS

Firms, tones and reshapes body, helps to lose unwanted inches, targets lymphatic drainage, soothes tension and pain, strengthens pelvic floor muscles.

Session length – 60 minutes, including consult and treatment.

60-Minute session $50.00

Buy 6, receive 1 free session

Infrared Body Wraps

Cellulite Removal Treatment (Cellu-Melt)

Cellulite reduction, weight and fluid loss, body contouring, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, improves skin tone, well-being and relaxation.

Session length – 60 minutes, including consult and treatment.

60-Minute session $50.00

Buy 6, receive 1 free session  

lady squeezing cellulite on bottom

EMS + Cellu-Melt

Cellulite Attack

Combines a full EMS Body Toning Workout with Cellu-melt Infrared Body Wraps. Receive a more intense toning by combining two therapies.

Session length – 60 minutes, including consult and treatment.

60-Minute session $80.00

Buy 6, receive 1 free session

Private Health Cover Claiming for Treatments

Some private health insurance policies cover Hypnotherapy, Quit Smoking and Weight Loss sessions. Please check with your private health fund to confirm your eligibility and level of cover.

Cancellations and Rescheduling Treatments

If you cannot make an appointment a minimum of 24 hours notice is required (48 hours notice preferred). We appreciate that sometimes people are unable to attend at late notice, but reserve the right to invoice the full fee of the session.


Concessions and discounts are available for pensioners and full time students seeking Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Treatments. Please enquire to find out more.

Discount for Treatments

We offer discounts for purchases of multiple treatment sessions or complimentary treatments. Please enquire to find out more.

We recommend 1 to 3 treatment sessions per week, for the first 4 weeks for Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and Infrared Body Wraps. thereafter, 1 session per week is advised for a maintenance period to maximise results.

Payment for Treatments

Payments for treatments are due on the day of service. We welcome payment by:

  • Cash 
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Cards – We accept EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and UnionPay cards
  • PayPal can be used for payment of hypnotherapy costs , complimentary therapies and products
  • Payment installments are available for packaged treatment sessions (excluding Quit Smoking) through EziDebit and Paysmart.
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