Hypnotherapy on the Gold Coast

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Eternal Balance Mind and Body Wellbeing, offers Psychotherapy Counselling and Hypnotherapy on the Gold Coast. These are just some of the holistic health services that benefit and help balance every part of your body, mind and spirit. Each well-being session we offer is personalised to your needs and our focus is to work towards your goals and what you would like to achieve in life…it is a team effort!

When your mind, body and spirit are not in balance, your emotions may become overwhelming, or you may find yourself in a repeating cycle.  You can feel stuck, bored, anxious, stressed, tired, depressed, or uncertain about how to move forward in our lives.  Sometimes it is that little inkling inside that something needs to change in your life, and it just takes us to step back and look at things differently, to find the power within ourselves to make that change. Life can throw some curveballs at us and situations come up that we are least expecting, or perhaps our past is holding us back from living to our true potential.

Reconnection of our mind, body and spirit can be obtained through Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy), Psychotherapy, Regression Therapy and other holistic health and healing modalities. Within ourselves we all have access to unlimited creative power, we just need to know how to tap into it. To create the change needed, we need the body and mind to work together, for total balance and wellbeing (eternal balance). This allows our eternal energy to flow freely, making us feel empowered and helping to start the process of healing and change.  Whatever it is, we can help you to take back control and move forward.

Overcome Depression Anxiety and Anger
Healthy Minds

Sometimes we feel like we are on a roller-coaster of emotions, or just keeping our head above water and surviving day to day. Often we bottle up our emotions and withdraw becoming anxious, sad, depressed, or we can react in an opposite undesirable way, like lashing out with anger and frustration.

Perhaps you are experiencing this, or feel like your are being held back by a fear or phobia?

It is important to understand our minds react automatically to stimuli from the environment, by searching for common themes and experiences from the past. This reaction happens so fast that we can get caught up in the middle of the behavioural reaction, before we can comprehend what is actually happening. As a result, this creates a negative loop which then becomes a conditioned response, and can become part of a negative belief system within ourselves. 

However, where a problem exists, it is also the same place where we can make a change. Through holistic health therapies such as Hypnosis, psychotherapy and regression therapy, you can change your attitudes, perceptions and behaviours. Consequently, your overall heath and wellness improves, allowing you to heal and achieve an optimum state of wellbeing. 

Weight loss motivation and how to lose weight
Body Wellness

We feel emotions in our bodies. We ‘burn’ with anger, ‘tremble’ with fear, feel ‘choked up’ with sadness, our ‘stomachs turn’ with revulsion. Everyone tends to experience unpleasant bodily symptoms from negative emotions held in the body and as a result feel physically distressed when emotionally distressed. 

When we use hypnotherapy and psycho-therapeutic techniques, to help release our emotions from the mind, we also need to ensure we are releasing them from the body.

We all know how good our mind and body feels after a massage, as it helps to release tensions and emotions stored in the body. Likewise, we also feel good after exercise, as it releases endorphin’s (happy hormone) helping to lift and stabilise our mood. In addition the increased oxygen levels and blood flow in our bodies from exercise helps promote our bodies healing process.

Imagine a passive workout that provides all the benefits of exercise without the hard work.  Well it’s possible with sessions on our Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) machine. EMS stimulates muscles and body systems, strengthening and toning your body. This activates the mindbody healing connection, releasing tension and allowing you to start feeling the benefits of relaxation and detoxification almost immediately.

Hypnosis for Mind and Body Well-being
Holistic Wellbeing

If you are struggling to overcome personal difficulties, or simply feel like you have tried everything but found nothing seems to work, and you want to live your life to its full potential, read on.

It is important to understand that your mind and body are part of the same energy system and therefore, they interact with each other in response to internal and external stimuli. 

Let us help you re-balance your mind, body and spirit through gentle, yet powerful hypnosis and psychotherapeutic counselling and intervention techniques. Discover how you can turn your life around with our wide range of personalised holistic health services offered.

We can help you to:

  • Feel better about yourself
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • eliminate anxiety
  • release anger and stress
  • believe in yourself, feel empowered and take control
  • Reduce sugar cravings and addiction
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Overcome depression and grief
  • lose weight permanently and stop the yo-yo dieting including  virtual gastric band
  • Quit smoking by changing your belief system
  • Take control and get rid of fears and phobia controlling your life.

Whatever is holding you back in your life, you have the power to change.  Take back control of your life and start living – realise your life’s potential by becoming the person you are meant to be. Find your power, catch your dreams and create your life.

We offer a free initial phone consultation to discuss the holistic health therapies we have available to personalise the best way forward for you.

When you call us we may be with helping another client.  You can leave a confidential message on our voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can reach us through our online email enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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