Hypnosis Gold Coast

Hypnosis Therapy

At Eternal Balance the Hypnosis we provide at our Mind and Body Wellbeing clinic, is personalised to ensure hypnosis works for you. During one of our Hypnosis Gold Coast therapy sessions, we focus our treatment on you and what is happening in your world. There are many different ways that hypnosis can be used in a treatment session and this is ultimately determined by what you need.

Your mind and body are part of the same energy system and interact with each other in response to internal and external stimuli. When you are having a bad day, your mind is working flat out, and stress accumulates in your body. Your body will react to whatever changes your mind goes through and vice versa. Your subconscious mind houses all of your emotions, how you react to certain situations, and all the parts of your personality, including the roles we play in life. In fact, every experience you’ve ever had is stored away and becomes some part of the way you evaluate information and in turn, your behaviours and reactions to everyday life situations.

Clients who seek out Hypnotherapy often turn to this treatment to help shift an issue that continues to bother them or prevents them from achieving their goals. What makes hypnotherapy so helpful is that it can be used to help release and heal a vast range of health related issues. Sleep hypnosis for insomnia, weight loss hypnosis for weight reductions and quit smoking hypnosis for smoking cessation are some of the more commonly talked about treatments that use hypnotherapy.  

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis, works to reprogram the subconscious that is filled with our memories and beliefs, to change how we perceive things. This change in perception enables us to change our actions, behaviours and how we respond. It can also help our bodies to function better, which in turn leads to better health and wellbeing.  

When you are in hypnosis, the subconscious mind accepts suggestions easily. With these types of natural trance, you are aware of your surroundings and able to hear everything that is going on. This is the same as when in a hypnotherapy (Hypnosis + Therapy) session. Hypnosis therapy is about using the therapeutic language to talk directly with your subconscious mind, helping to make those changes while allowing your conscious mind to be the observer. You may experience cycles of going into lighter and deeper levels during the session, but you will always be aware of the words and presence of your thoughts.

Subconscious Mind Power

Iceberg Theory Below Water Like Subconscious Reprogram Using Hypnosis

Hypnosis can also be used for subconscious exploration, to better understand underlying motivations or identify whether past events or experiences are associated with causing a problem or repeating pattern or a limiting belief in the client’s life. It’s like pulling a thorn out – getting to the cause of an issue and releasing it. We also use regression therapy, including Past Life Regression therapy where needed to go back to the core of the issue, whether it is from this lifetime or a previous lifetime, to help release and break you free from repeating patterns and cycles. 

Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind

First, we focus on encouragement in the use of the imagination – mental imagery is very powerful, especially in this focused state of attention and this can be used to bring about change and create the new thought patterns and behaviours. Second, we can use hypnosis to present ideas or positive suggestions in this state of concentrated attention. These ideas and suggestions that are compatible with what you want, have a more powerful impact on the mind.

We work with you to enable healing and change, to empower you to see things differently and to release and heal from past hurts and situations. This lets you be free to move forward with your life.

Benefits of Hypnosis

There are many benefits to be attained through hypnosis and psychotherapeutic counselling. The benefits of hypnosis include:

  • Building confidence
  • Anxiety management
  • Combating depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Virtual Gastric Band
  • Weight loss hypnosis
  • Panic attacks
  • Sleep insomnia
  • Stress relief
  • Smoking cessation
  • Phobia treatment
  • Pain management
  • Stress management
  • Anger management
  • Coping with grief
  • Trauma management
  • Lack of motivation
  • Overcoming fears

What to Expect in a Hypnosis Session

At Eternal Balance your Hypnosis Gold Coast therapy session will be approximately 75 minutes in duration. During this time, we will discuss the issues that are presenting and what you want to achieve. We can talk about your goals and steps to needed to make the changes in your life that are important to you. We will explain the process to you, so you:

  • are completely comfortable 
  • have answer to any questions you may have before commencing your session.
  • recognise that you are able to take control
  • are able to get the most out of your treatment session.

Hypnotherapy involves working with both your subconscious and conscious minds and aligning them to work together to bring about change.

It is up to you to choose to take the first step of your journey. By committing to yourself and choosing to take control back of your life. Are you ready to make the change?

How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost

Understandably, you may be wondering how much does Hypnotherapy cost and how many Hypnotherapy sessions are needed. Many factors influence this answer including, what your specific issue is. In addition, your level of commitment and desire to change has an effect on the required number of treatment sessions. However, significant change can take place with just one session. Although, it generally takes somewhere between 3 to 5 hypnosis sessions, to effectively resolve the issue at hand. The reason for this is because Hypnotherapy usually depends upon repetition through supporting sessions so as to be actually effective.

During your initial consultation, we will discuss your specific situation and determine the most effective way to achieve your goals. We will always leave it up to you to decide if you need further follow-up treatment sessions.

If you are wondering about hypnotherapy costs, our fees page provides further details on our Hypnosis Gold Coast therapy session fees and the various packages we have available for booking multiple sessions.