Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

At Eternal Balance, our Weight Loss Hypnosis Gold Coast program is a 4-week commitment. Above all, it is specially designed for people who can’t seem to lose weight and are sick of going nowhere. Instead, you will stop going around in circles, yo-yo dieting, and emotional eating.  In other words, this program is a great way to feel amazing within yourself again

Weight Loss Hypnosis is a very effective way to lose weight quickly and safely. If you are struggling to achieve your ideal body weight. Moreover, if you want to regain a sense of control over your life, emotions, and weight, you can! 

Hypnosis for Weight Loss will help you change your eating habits. Likewise, it will increase your motivation to become more active. In turn, you will more easily lose weight, feel better and look healthier. 

Through our hypnotherapy weight loss program, you will regain your own sense of perfection, on the inside. and the outside. In essence, your relationship with being healthy is brought back into your reality. We incorporate your goals for healthy eating and activity. While at the same time clearing out your old ways of thinking. With attention to removing any self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Finally, we re-program your eating habits.

Are you ready to start donating your excess kilos to the universe with the help of Weight Loss Hypnosis?

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis For Weight Loss

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is a remarkable weight loss hypnosis program pioneered by Sheila Granger in the UK.  This hypnosis weight loss program utilises the concept of a ‘Virtual’ Gastric Band and clinical hypnotherapy.  Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is a non-surgical technique using the power of hypnosis to train your mind and body to accept less food. It is like ‘flicking a switch in the brain’. In addition, it changes your habitual behaviour and attitude towards food and eating. As a result, the Virtual Gastric Band helps you lose weight by regaining control over cravings and bad eating habits.

The purpose of the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is to make the stomach feel full quickly so that you naturally eat less. Combined with a minimal level of exercise, weight is sustainably and reliably lost.  This program is not a diet. It involves conditioning your mind with simple rules and behaviours to get back In touch with your original program of eating to live, rather than living to eat.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Benefits

  • Be free from thinking about food all the time because you are not feeling deprived, miserable or hungry; 
  • Feel in control rather than food controlling you;
  • Eat consciously and listen to what your stomach is telling you rather than your mind; 
  • Develop new, healthy habits that you can maintain;
  • No costly invasive surgery; and
  • No risks

Many people of all shapes and sizes have found long-term solutions to their weight problems with Virtual Gastric Band therapy.

The Virtual Gastric Band

Weight Loss Hypnosis using Virtual Gastric Band

What Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Does Not Include

Using a Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for weight loss means you are free from:

  • Dieting (eg. soup diet, liquid diet, etc)
  • Shakes
  • Food deprivation
  • Calorie counting
  • dieting pills 
  • Costly invasive surgery
  • Liquid foods
  • Recovery time
  • To recover from pain
  • Needles
  • The worry of surgical risks
  • any unwanted side effects

How Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Works For Weight Loss

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis process is done through the insertion of well-chosen and easily acceptable suggestions into your powerful subconscious mind, without the need for surgery, anaesthetic or physical objects placed inside your body. Everything is done through the power of your imagination in a relaxed and comfortable state of mind. 

During your Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis therapy sessions, your mind will be reprogrammed to eat smaller portions, experiencing a very real sense and feeling that your stomach has been restricted in size. 

The program involves you undertaking four individual sessions tailored for you specifically over 4 weeks which are designed to bring about permanent change in your eating habits. You will be expected to follow some simple guidelines and receive support materials to take home.

A recording will be made available for you to listen to, which helps to reinforce the work done between your weekly Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis therapy sessions.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Our Weight Loss Hypnosis program is made up of a total of 4 weekly sessions. Over the 4 week period, the program will cover:

  • Changing self-limiting beliefs and incorporating new, positive ways of thinking. This includes starting the process for change. Also incorporating goals and future vision;
  • Foundations for healthy food and lifestyle choices, combating emotional eating and becoming a conscious eater;
  • Motivation for exercise, like walking for weight loss, setting goals and increasing your water intake; and
  • Clearing out your subconscious filing cabinet (blocks and negative thinking patterns) and release/general healing.

Your sessions can change based on goals, progress and what comes up which may need to be released. Our subconscious holds everything we have experienced from birth to our current age. We may have behaviours and reactions based on past experiences and belief systems. We need to retrain the brain and create new positive neural pathways to create permanent success.

There will be a requirement for you to listen to recordings in between sessions, to reinforce the great work you have achieved in your Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions, as repetition is important. There will also be some sheets to work on, such as a thoughts journal to identify triggers and having a plan such as writing down what you want to incorporate in your life, to help you achieve your goal weight e.g increase walking (how many times a week and when you want to do this), have you got a piece of clothing you would like to fit back into? Have you got a photo of a time when you felt happy and at the ideal weight you would like to be?

Helpful Tips For Weight Loss

If you have the commitment and are ready to work on creating your life you deserve then you will be very successful with Weight Loss Hypnosis. Additionally, incorporating things like a personal trainer, talking to your GP to get a health checkup and exercise regime, seeing a nutritionist and or a naturopath can also help to work together on all levels. The process of small steps and changing your mindset to enable the conscious and subconscious minds to come into alignment to work together is a step in the right direction and this program can help you to achieve this.

You must be prepared to change your eating habits and lifestyle and commit to the program. If you are totally serious about losing weight, feeling healthy and feel happier and more confident, then it will certainly work for you. No weight loss program will work unless you are committed to it and really want to change.key to success is YOU!

Cost of Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

To find out about the cost of hypnotherapy for weight loss and virtual gastric band hypnosis, please refer to our hypnotherapy fees page

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