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Hypnosis for Weight Loss – The best way to lose weight

Hypnosis for weight loss is the best way to lose weight permanently and keep it off. This weight loss treatment uses Hypnosis, an alternative healing method that involves putting people in a trance through certain relaxation methods. In the trance state, you are still conscious and aware but relaxed and more receptive to the therapist’s suggestions. By speaking to your subconscious mind the hypnotherapist utilises the power that you have within you to make changes to certain areas of your life. This is particularly useful for overcoming certain habits like sugar cravings, food addictions and overeating.

Hypnosis for weight loss

For those who have an unhealthy relationship with food and tend to over-eat and cannot resist a detour to a fast food joint, there is weight loss hypnosis. What makes hypnosis the best way to lose weight? During a hypnotherapy weight loss session, the hypnotherapist speaks directly to the subconscious mind making positive statements about your ability to control yourself around food, your self-confidence, your love for exercise, that you are full after a small portion of food and other positive statements. Because of the hypnosis for weight loss sessions you:

  • Release self-limiting beliefs and unhealthy emotions that made you over-eat.
  • Have a change of attitude towards food.
  • Feel in control rather than food controlling you.
  • Eat smaller portions of your favourite foods.
  • Are motivated to start exercising even if you did not like to do it before.

As a result, you shed excess weight and you keep losing it. There is no more trying one diet after another or taking harmful weight loss pills. You have become a new person! Now doesn’t that sound like the best way to lose weight?

Virtual Gastric Band

In addition to Weight Loss Hypnosis, at Eternal Balance, we also offer Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, pioneered by Sheila Granger in the United Kingdom. In short, Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique where the therapist retrains you to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food and changes how you think about food. The program gives you very safe and very predictable results. Because you are convinced that your stomach is small you definitely start eating less.  It is not a “diet” so you do not change what you eat. You only change the amounts that you eat yet you will not feel deprived, hungry or miserable. You have total control over yourself. And you lose weight! This is safer and more effective than surgery and “diets.”

If you feel like you’re addicted to food or looking to lose weight naturally so that you feel healthier and happier, you should consider the power of hypnosis for weight loss. Now you may be asking where can I get weight loss hypnosis in Gold Coast? Don’t worry, Eternal Balance specialises in hypnotherapy weight loss and Virtual Gastric Band. We are located conveniently on Chevron Island, Surfers Paradise, on the Gold Coast. If you’re ready for change and want to lose your excess weight, contact our Gold Coast Wellbeing Clinic today to make an appointment or find out more information on our weight loss treatments and we’ll go from there.


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